Yacht Charter Croatia, Boat rent on Croatian waters - Yacht Charter Croatia, Boat rent on Croatian waters

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How to charter yachts in Croatia?
Yacht charter in Croatia is easy with us and we are going to show you how to do it. The only thing you need to do is to make 3 simple steps:
  • Step 1: Find a really good search machine.
  • Step 2: Put there your searching criteria.
  • Step 3: Book the chosen yacht.

It is really important to find a trusted charter broker with real priceslists of rented boats, with sailing experience and with skipper if you need such a person. It is required when you do not have a sailing certificate.
How to find cheap yacht at Adriatic Sea? Compare the prices and boats, compare criteria, inventory and optional payments!

Yacht Charter in Croatia - reviews
This is very important step to ask other sailors about trusted charter broker. If they trusted him and had a great sailing adventure on the Adriatic Sea - Then you can do it, too! Try searching on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. Type also this charter agent in Google, for sure you will find many interesting information and reviews about this specific boat broker.

What is yacht charter in Croatia?
Yacht Charter in Croatia is an act of renting a vessel / boat / sailboat / catamaran for a short period of time in posession. It is usually 7, 14 or 21 days. In Croatia all charters start on Saturday, mostly at 17:00 and the check-out procedure is till 9:00 the next Saturday. Usually the crew is requested to come back latest in the evening on the previous day, so on Friday. For that time the Charterer is responsible for the yacht and for all damages that are caused by him or by the boat. Each yacht has of course Insurance against 3rd person liability (and it is obligatory for all Charter Operators and forced by the Croatian Law) and also is insured up to its value with the franchise amounting to the deposit, which is usually about 1000 EUR for smaller boats, till 3500 EUR or 4000 EUR for the 5- or 6-cabin luxury yachts, catamarans or motoryachts.

Who can charter yachts in Croatia?
In Croatia every person can charter a yacht, but when the Bareboat Charter Contract is signed, it is written there, that a client is in charge of providing the skipper for the boat. It can be himself or he can hire a professional skipper. Nevertheless, a person pointed by the Client must have sailing certificate allowing her to sail the chartered yacht. Such person should have the local Croatian certificate like Voditejl Brodice or there is a list published by the Croatian Government (MPPI), where are mentioned all sailing licenses allowing to charter yacht in Croatia.
Another important document that you must have, when you want to rent a yacht in Croatia is a radiooperator certificate called VHF license or SRC/LRC document. It is mandatory in Croatia that at least 1 person in the crew (it does not have to be a skipper!) must have this kind of license. If you have Voditelj Brodice, you do not need additional VHF license, becuase it is already included in the range of it.

Which yachts can be rented?
All European yachts models are also available in Croatia: Bavaria with its Bavaria Cruiser line, Sun Odyssey, Oceanis, Hanse, Dufour, Elan Impression, Cyclades, Gib Sea and many more. Of course there is also wide offer of catamaran brands, such as Lagoon, Nautitech, Belize, Lavezzi or Catana. When any boat manufacturer releases new boat model, immediately it appears in Croatian fleet. Examples of it are: Bavaria Cruiser 46, Elan Impression 50, Lagoon 450, Sun Odyssey 449, Dufour 455 Grand Large, Nautitech 40 Open produced recently by Bavaria Yachts.
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